Aquaread AP-2000 Probe

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The AP-2000 comes supplied with a range of standard sensors (Optical DO, EC, pH, ORP & Temp). Beyond that, there are 3 simple choices to make to customize the probe.


  1. Choose an ISE Electrode
  2. Choose an Optical Sensor Electrode
  3. Optional depth sensor available

The probe comes with 1 Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) socket and 1 Optical Sensors Electrode socket, plus you have the option to add aDepth Sensor. For a full technical breakdown on what electrodes are available please see Parameters.

Probes are supplied with blanking plugs in the optional electrode ports as standard. Simply unscrew these to add your extra electrodes.



The AP-2000 features the all-metal AquaConn connectors. These high specification connectors feature large metallic key for a rigid fit, recessed pins for extra protection during pairing, guide markers on each part of the connector to allow you to instantly push the pair together in the correct alignment. AP-2000 connectors are specified to 30m and AP-7000 connectors are specified to 100m.


Aquaread's KevlarCore cables double up as a support cable, no need for extra support wires here. The cable has a Kevlar support line running along its length that is anchored firmly to the Aquaconn connectors at each end. These cables are designed to withstand the harshest environments.