Rental Equipment

Sequoia Enviro Supply maintains a fleet of rental equipment available at our Regina and Calgary locations.  

Please contact us at 1 (306) 584-5566 or toll free at 1 (855) 473-7368 for additional information or to book a rental.

AIR MONITORING  Rental Rate :  Day / Week / Month 
RKI Eagle (ppm/LEL, O2, CO, H2S) $50.00/$150.00/$450.00 
RKI Eagle 2 PID (ppm/LEL, O2, CO2 (IR), IBL) $65.00/$195.00/$585.00
RKI GX-2009 Personal 4-Gas Monitor (LEL, O2, CO, H2S) $40.00/$120.00/$360.00
Calibration Gas Kit- Demand Flow Regulator  $10.00/$30.00/$90.00
Gilair PLUS Air Sampling Pump $40.00/$120.00/$360.00
Bios Defender 510 Air Flow Calibrator Digital  $40.00/$120.00/$360.00
Pressure Guage (mmH2O, inH2O, mmHG, inHG, mbar, PSI) $40.00/$120.00/$360.00
Wind Meter (Davis TurboMeter)  $25.00/$75.00/$225.00
AquaRead AP-900 Multimeter (Optical DO, ORP, pH, Cond, Temp, Turbidity, TDS, Salinity, SSG, Resistivity)  $95.00/$285.00/$855.00
AquarRead AP-2000 Multimeter (Optical DO, ORP, pH, Cond, Temp, TDS, Salinity, SSG, Resistivity)  $85.00/$255.00/$765.00
AquaRead Extension Cable (5m or 10m) $20.00/$60.00/$180.00
AquaRead Flow-Through Cell $25.00/$75.00/$255.00
Interface Probe (Heron, ORS) (30m) $35.00/$105.00/$315.00
Peristaltic Pump (Spectra Field Pro)  $40.00/$120.00/$360.00
HydroLift 2 Actuator (for HDPE/LDPE tubing)  $70.00/$210.00/$630.00
Battery- 12V Deep Cycle (for Peristaltic pumps, Submersible pumps or HydroLift 2) $10.00/$30.00/$90.00
Flow Meter/ Totalizer (GPI) $30.00/$90.00/$360.00
Solinst Levelogger  $45.00/$135.00/$405.00
Solinst Levelogger Direct Read Cables $30.00/$90.00/$270.00
Soloist Barologger $45.00/$135.00/$405.00
Pin Finder (DML2000)  $35.00/$105.00/$315.00
Hand Auger (AMS Kit)   $40.00/$120.00/$360.00 
Sidewall Sampler $35.00/$105.00/$315.00
Temperature Gauge $5.00/$15.00/$45.00
Survey Equipment (Last Level, Tripod, Meter Rod) $85.00/$255.00/$765.00
Surveyors Measuring Wheel (Metric) $10.00/$30.00/$90.00
Traffic Cones $3.00/$9.00/$27.00
Post Pounder/ Slide Hammer $10.00/$30.00/$90.00
Shovel- Long Handle Clean-up Shovel  $5.00/$15.00/$45.00
Shovel- Long Handle Spade $5.00/$15.00/$45.00
MSA Workman Safety Harness $5.00/$15.00/$45.00
MSA Workman Lanyard $5.00/$15.00/$45.00